All of our trainers understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to reach your goals. Each trainer is specialized in different backgrounds, so whether you're looking to train for a marathon or start a new fitness routine, Ventura Fitness is the place for you.


Linda Igarashi

Rehabilitation Therapy

With 20 years of teaching experience, Linda focuses on increasing her clients’ body awareness. She has a passion for working with physical therapy patients and helping people increase the quality of their daily lives. She uses her background of dance and pilates training to create an exciting and effective workout for her clients.


Kristin Wilkinson

Pilates Method Alliance Certification
Sports Training

As a certified personal trainer from the American College of Sports Medicine, Kristen uses her expertise to create a regime for each client. Growing up as a professional dancer, she became aware of the healing powers that Pilates can have on both the mind and body. She combines her passion and training to create an effective program for her clients.


Lauren Herrera

Power Lifting
Physical Therapy

A certified fitness professional for over 18 years, Lauren is known as a second generation Pilates instructor. She studied under Ron Fletcher, who was taught by Joseph and Clara Pilates. With knowledge in rehabilitation, she uses her experience to create a unique training regimen for her diverse client base.


Natasha Ventura

Weight Training
Interval & Metabolic Training
Senior Yoga & Aerobics
Mat Pilates

Natasha is a passionate health professional who has been improving the lives of clients for over 15 years. As a personal trainer and instructor, she understand the mental and physical challenges in any level of personal transformation. She is enthusiastic about her clients, and is eager to help you achieve your goals in her studio.